Jared Thirsk


Jared is a big fan of epic scale real time strategy games in the style of Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander. Jared Thirsk is a software engineer with several years of experience on a research team in a defense company writing communications software, including networking and database code, GIS, and application user interfaces.  After many years of dreaming of game ideas, and working on them in his spare time, he finally left his day job to pursue his dream of game making full time and is the sole person with LionFire Games at this incubation stage.  Having worked with military Command and Control software, he brings a vision of how to add complex strategic elements to games while keeping them fun and accessible.

Jared also loves team sports (especially floor hockey), and the comraderie of a team practicing, struggling, winning together. Another favourite game is a classic online game called netrek, which has incredible martial-art style depth to its space action, that is knit perfectly inside a deep team strategy game.  He loves games with active team-oriented communities, who are enhancing their strategies and practicing their team tactics while growing alongside an actively developed game that is an ongoing (and financially sustainable) labour of love for its creators.